Virtual General Manager

Weatherby Consulting offers your business hands-on help with a personal “Virtual General Manager,” who helps with the overall management of your business while you, as the owner, can continue to focus on your own areas of strength.

Without unnecessary overhead, we work remotely and liaise with you and your team regularly and efficiently, using current technology which saves time and money.

As your Virtual GM, we assist you in managing and coordinating the work assigned to your team and the reporting which provides you with full visibility into how your real estate, resort or vacation rental management company is operating.

Virtual GM services include:

  • Auditing the performance of departments within your organization
  • Developing and documenting operational processes and company policies
  • Driving the implementation of systems across your business, including operations, sales, marketing, human resources, administration and management
  • Implementing annual budgets, objectives and financial reporting
  • Assisting in recruiting and training team members
  • Researching outsourced suppliers and negotiating third party contracts
  • Discussing action plans and marketing strategies with managers to increase revenue
  • Conduct on-site visits if required.


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