Frequently Asked Questions

Industry Expert, Ben Edwards

Why do many vacation home owners decide to rent their property?

Managing owner expectations: Is it a home? Is it an investment?

Should owners expect rental cash flow right away?

Property enhancements yield higher returns

Why hire professional property manager?

It’s a partnership not a “vendorship”

VRM hopping jeopardizes revenue

Key characteristics of great VRMs

Selecting the right VRM

Partnering with VRMs

Understanding the distribution channels

Expectations of a property manager

Social media & marketing

Importance of guest demands

How much revenue should be set aside or reserved?

How the vacation home should be owned?

Liabilities & special insurance

Expectations of Home Owners Associations

Tensions of owning a vacation home

Liabilities & special insurance

Short term vs long term rental

Go-to services

Seasonality of beach homes

Revenue expectations

Annual rental expectations

Maintenance & cleaning expectations

The value of a big business

What home owners should focus on?

Owning a beach vacation home

Expectations of servicing a beach home