Weatherby Consulting recognizes that times of financial distress are common in any business life cycle, and even more common in a seasonal marketplace.

With our experience, we know that in times of hardship, it is important to work with an objective viewpoint to outline a thorough analysis of your goals and existing options. Before considering a bankruptcy filing or an exit strategy, we work with you to explore alternatives that preserve and restore your financial health, credit and reputation.

In our financial workouts, we perform a comprehensive analysis of the situation with the goal of determining creative methods to restructure and work through financial problems.

We will sit down with you and discuss your personal and financial goals and objectives and will detail a plan to achieve them. Once the plan is approved, we will work to settle your debts in an affordable manner that preserves the working relationship between you and your creditors and ensures that everyone is satisfied and feels confident to proceed. Making sure your credit, dignity and reputation are intact provides you with confidence and a solid foundation on which you can build your future.

With our financial workout services, Weatherby Consulting seeks to capitalize on our years of experience to arrive at an outcome that resolves your financial troubles and satisfies all parties involved.

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