Transaction Advisory

Weatherby Consulting offers transaction advisory services to assist with the sale, purchase, and restructuring of your real estate and vacation rental portfolio. We’re experts in helping manage your capital restructuring, acquisitions, and buyouts in a changing real-estate market.

Let one of advisory professionals help guide you through the tax, valuation, capital, and equity aspects of your private investments in real estate and the vacation rental management industry.

Helping You Achieve Your Growth Potential

As recognized advisor on purchase and sale transactions in the real estate and vacation rental management industries, Weatherby Consulting offers a range of transaction advisory services including sell side advisory, buy side advisory, management buyouts, restructuring and funding.

When you chose Weatherby Consulting as your transaction advisor, your company benefits from:

Industry Experience
We help you go wherever growth takes you. Through our hands-on experience working with real estate, resort and rental companies, we are ready to execute on your transaction and help you avoid common pitfalls or mistakes made throughout a transaction.

Client-Focused Quality
Relationships are the cornerstone of our business, and our client-focused services are built on one-on-one senior partner interaction with experts who have a thorough understanding of your personal and financial goals, strategy and approach.

Time-Sensitive Responsiveness
Slow speed of execution kills deals. Our transaction advisory services are designed to perform at “deal speed” and are focused on delivering critical findings precisely when you need them. We know each transaction is unique, and we work with your to develop a timely, customized approach and scope which addresses your specific needs.

Comprehensive Capability
From strategy to implementation and integration, Weatherby Consulting has the financial, technical and advisory capabilities to assist you with your transaction throughout the deal lifecycle. We anticipate risks, manage pitfalls and help you take advantage of immediate and future opportunities.

Due Diligence
Our due diligence process addresses a range of strategic, financial, and operational issues critical to the success of your acquisition. Our experienced team can help where you need it most and eliminate surprises.

Our Services

Whether you are looking to grow market share through acquisition or you seeking an exit strategy for your vacation rental management company, Weatherby Consulting has the desired expertise in purchase and sale transactions with large regional and national vacation rental managers.

Some of Our Successful Clients