About Weatherby Consulting

Weatherby Consulting provides strategic advisory and asset management services with proven results in creating opportunities and solutions in the vacation rental, real estate and resort industries.

Weatherby Consulting is the preeminent provider of consulting services in the vacation rental industry with more than 100 buy-and-sell transactions and more than $200 million in sales of Vacation Rental Companies.

We deliver high-impact results, provide partner-level attention, and implement tailored solutions to address each of our client’s unique goals and objectives.

Weatherby Consulting has worked with dozens of leading industry clients in more than 100 resort markets throughout North America. Weatherby Consulting leverages more than 19 years of industry and accounting knowledge to provide rapid, strategic advice to assist our clients with purchase-and-sell transaction services, dispute resolution, risk management, financial solvency and regulatory compliance issues.

With an unwavering dedication to both short-term and long-term interests of your company, our services are designed to identify underlying issues, provide straightforward answers, and create solutions that will achieve maximum financial benefit and a competitive advantage for your organization.

Our Services Include:

Transaction Advisory Services — This service line includes the purchase and sale of Vacation Rental Companies, our primary service line.

Vacation Rental Consulting — We provide consulting services to clients all over the nation.

Accounting Services — We provide expert level financial reporting to more than 30 companies across the U.S.

Partnership Opportunities — Weatherby Consulting is willing to partner with Vacation Rental Companies to more effectively manage certain business and substantially increase the value of the business.

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