Weatherby Consulting reviews the internal processes of your company with the goal of determining if resources are being used efficiently and identifying ways to improve systems. Our client-focused operational audit services are designed to provide in-depth, fact-based results specifically directed towards maximizing operational efficiency and effectiveness.

First, we structure the upcoming review to outline expectations, gather pertinent information about your company and set goals and objectives for the audit.  As part of our services, we analyze company systems, technology and procedures, assess and survey management and employees, and present an audit plan, customized to your real estate or property management company, which details the steps the company will have to follow to complete the audit.
After the plan has been approved, we begin with an operational audit that is tailored to your specific goals, but typically includes a review of the company’s productivity and sales efforts. On the financial side, we assess billing, cash flow management, and reporting processes along with risk management procedures.
After the operational audit, we provide you a full report detailing our observations, conclusions and recommendations.

The goal of every audit we perform is to identify opportunities to enhance control processes and introduce efficiencies into your operations. With vast knowledge and experience specific to the real estate and rental marketplace, we understand our clients’ business needs and provide our clients with an unbiased evaluation of processes, technology, systems and operations to ensure that their goals and objectives are met.

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